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Today man has become dependent on his smartphones and tablets to a large extent and it is an important part of his life. Smartphones have become an integral part of a person’s life and most of his activities are now easily performed through phone itself. But to use the smartphone to its full potential you need to download apps on your cell. These apps help you in performing your functions without any hassle. Be it paying your bills or shopping online or playing games online or making bookings online it is all possible by making use of apps. However most apps developed for your smartphones and tablets are not compatible with your PC and one cannot download smartphone apps into your computer or laptop. There are a few apps through which you can sync your contact list or favourites from your phone into your computer. However mobile apps and their system counterparts are never identical and always have some degree of difference in it. The app player runs an instance of Android on the laptop in a virtualized environment which enables the app to believe as if its functioning on a cell phone device.

Smartphone app


It is quite simple to use the app except for a few quirks which involves transferring apps into a computer device from a mobile device. To begin using the app player you need to first download it. You need to then run the installation file and proceed further following the instructions on the on screen prompts which appear so as to complete the process of installation. It also has the advantage of taking up very less space and uses very less system resources. It launches automatically with the PC and the system tray also displays a status icon in it. One can also choose to disable launcher through the Startup tab if you do not wish to have the player launch each time your system boosts up.

The main purpose of such apps is to enable the data to be transferred from your android cell phone to your desktop or laptop.


In order to use the cloud connect mobile app you need to first know your app PIN so that you can start transferring your mobile apps to your PC. When you register your email account with the app player, the service will provide you with a PIN number or a Personal Identification Number. You will receive your PIN as soon as you register your account and when you select “ cloud connect “ link within the “ Get more apps” option in the app player. To begin the transferring of apps from your smartphone, launch the android market on your smartphone and then look for Cloud Connect. Once you find the Cloud Connect app, download and install it on your tablet. Now you are ready to transfer any app from your smartphone to the app located in your desktop. Hence basically the cloud connect app uploads those apps which have been selected from your phone to app servers from where it is available to your PC to access and download it.

Once you upload your apps and the app player notifies you of its availability, then select Get more apps from your apps player and select Cloud connect link. A pop up screen appears which enlists all the apps the user has uploaded from this cell phone. A subscribe button would appear down and clicking on it will enable you to run your desired apps from the app player on your desktop.

Thus we can now even use our desktop or laptops for running android apps on it and no longer need to be solely dependent on our smartphones for using our apps.