Dress Pattern Based on Your Personality


Dress Pattern Based on Your Personality



What is the easiest way you can easily give to your outfit to have an eye-catching style? Patterns.


Patterns are everywhere, including our wardrobe. According to a scientifical study, an individual should have at least three different prints in his/her closet that will match his/her personality.


Are you curious on which ones will fit your character? Read on to know more info of what personalities go with each print style you have.




The perfect pattern that will give you a clean and polite look is the polka dot. Large circles on your dress will definitely create a very feminine style. A very adorable appearance, but still classy.


If you are looking for another dress option, you may want to check on a smaller and simple polka-dot blouse. Pick the one with a pretty cute ruff, such as Peter Pan collar or a button-up dress to enhance and emphasize the ladylike impression in you.




If you are going your office, a professional meeting, or a business dinner, you need a stylish dress that will make you look self-assured. Try to wear something with stripes because it’s a classic pattern that can give your body a poised appearance you need.


You can also wear pants with thin black and white vertical stripes. This pattern will elongate your body and will give you a slimming effect. If you want to add a striking color, then choose a vibrant clutch, high heel shoes, or gold accessories. With this fashion, you’ll be sure to get everyone’s attention as soon as you walk into a room.



If you’re a relaxed person, then the boho style is the best for your personality. Choose versatile patterns, like florals, since you can wear them for any occasion. However, you must consider the design of the pattern you will choose. Flower should be pleasing to the eye and its color should not be striking.


For a very casual occasion, wear a more playful pattern. You may also try a loose-fitting blouse to enhance you relaxed and easy-going personality.




Try a pattern that will give your personality an avant-garde vibe, like a houndstooth pattern. There is nothing wrong in experimenting with patterns you will wear, the only thing that matter is if you can handle it.


You can also consider wearing a dress in leopard print since can also emphasize your edgy appearance. It is very easy to match with a flashy shirt or a semi-formal top that is more subtle for work. You can also try an animal print scarf to completely accessorize your appearance.