2017 Hotel Website Design Inspirations

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There is a lot to cover when talking specifically about the matter of hotel website designs and inspirations. A hotel homepage is often a big sticking point for accessibility with registering a specific room, finding locations, dealing with discounts, and offering a peek into the hotel’s features. Also depending on the hotel chain’s size, their website might need different pages for each individual hotel location. There’s a lot to contemplate and it’s often easiest to learn by studying prime examples.


If you are an entrepreneur and looking for a hotel website design, congratulations! You are in the right article. Check out the following hotel website design inspirations used by brilliant hotels around the world that utilize impressive photography, corresponding color schemes, and usable interfaces. Once you learn how to structure all that content then the bigger picture should fall naturally into place.


Wynn Las Vegas

This website lets the amazing architecture of the hotel speaks for itself – an amazing image dominates the screen, and all website options are kept neatly out of the way. At first glance, the standalone image almost represents a postcard. The only thing not so great is the cheesy automatic voiceover as you enter the website.



Swissotel is an international hotel chain with hotels situated all over the world – from Berlin to Beijing. The website is the epitome of class, with clean, neutral colors and neat lines. The text is also very Swiss, and consistent throughout the website; adding to the overall clean feel of the website.


Preferred Hotel Group

The Preferred Hotel Group have a range of hotel brands across the world. One of the standout brands is the Summit, which showcases a selection of well-lit photographs of their hotels upon a simple, elegant website – all information is easy to see and pleasing to the eye.


Aria Hotel

In comparison to other hotel designs in the list, this one is fairly busy, with the options to sift through the featured photographs at your own leisure, rather than an automated carousel. Despite this, it is still fairly minimalist. Offers are displayed neatly in the bottom corner, and you can keep track of the local weather in the top.


Hollmann Beletage

This website brings a new twist to the traditional hotel web design, with overtones of oranges and welcoming quotes on the opening page. It may not present the same degree of luxury as other hotel websites, but it does add a great sense of fun, whilst keeping in mind its target demographic.