3 of the Best Snorkeling Locations in the Bahamas


The only real call that you’ll build once doing the Bahamas snorkeling is where you’ll wish to try and do it. Whereas there isn’t one island on this ground not worth visiting, there definitely are snorkeling places that are not-to-be-missed!

1. Staniel Cay

While the rest of those sites will prove to be quite stunning, they’re no match for what Staniel Cay has to offer, and Nassau ought to function very little more than a gateway to the current destination. A visit to Staniel Cay, the jewel within the crown of the Bahamas, provides you with a number of the perfect snorkeling sites in Bahama Islands. The unimaginable diversity of the regions here is the reason why this destination is worth a visit. For a start, you’ll take a brief boat trip out to Thunderball grotto and get lost in the exciting world of James Bond. This site was utilized in the photography of the 1965 Bond film “Thunderball” that led to the naming of the place. Swimming through an underwater tunnel to emerge in an exceedingly shimmering cave jam-packed with turquoise light is something that every snorkeling enthusiast deserves to experience.

If you are feeling inclined to go to some less natural areas, then Staniel cay will grant you access to the wreck of a drug smugglers plane. This fascinating site displays the broken wreck of a small aircraft enclosed by nothing however clear turquoise water and a soft white bed of sand below.

2. Green Turtle Cay and the Abaco Islands

Setting out from Marsh Harbour, the most important town within the Abacos, you may have a superfluity of various sites out there to go to. Amongst these, you will realize that Green Turtle Cay is one of the perfect destinations you’ll be at when you want to snorkel. This island has a fascinating atmosphere both above and below the waves. In fact, snorkeling here can leave endless coral exploration blending with the flurry of fish that call this space home.

3. Long Island

While Long Island definitely provides its fair proportion of nice coastal snorkel diving sites, the primary attraction here is Dean’s Blue Hole. The world’s second deepest blue hole and therefore the place of the many freediving competitions, Long Island incorporates a little something for all visitors, including snorkelers. You won’t need to swim out on top of the cavernous blue hole to get a taste of its stunning mystery and see its feature. Snorkeling around the shallows, with soft sand and crystalline water will already serve you a wonderful use of your time.