Generator – A Comprehensive Overview


When you are looking to buy a portable generator, there are 2 types of it that you will come across. One is a conventional inverter which creates current in AC form and the other is inverter generator that gives DC and converts it into AC which is a smoother signal and is safe for almost all equipments. They are preferred because they produce power only when you require, can run at slow speed and with less noise and less fuel.

Portable inverters are good when you are at home, tailgating or even at camping. They are so convenient that they can be carried anywhere and you have power anywhere. Portable Inverter Generator is one such which runs with 1800 watts and uses gas as fuel. It is a light weight, compact and less noisy inverter that has a tank capacity of 1.3 gallons of gas which can last up to 13 hours at 25% load.

Portable Generator

Let’s review it based on a few points:

  1. Operation: Most of the noise is mechanical and it can be reduced and not that noisy that it will disturb you. It definitely works very quietly. It is user friendly. All the switches that need to be switched on for the engine to start are colored yellow.
  2. Build: Made of impact plastic, it is easily prone to scratches. Comes in a vibrant blue color which makes it look like a toy. But these things do not matter as it’s very compact and efficient. It weighs about 200 pounds but the wheels and handles so movable that it can be moved around pretty easily. Has a longer warranty compared to other brands. The fuel tank has a red line marked which indicates the maximum fill level.
  3. Power and frequency: It starts easily with a single pull. It has a speed adjustment screw near the pull cord with which you can adjust the speed levels. This will help in adjusting the frequency which will help the heavy devices to run smoothly.
  4. Energy Efficiency: It is a good option that can light up to 5 fluorescent lights, flat screen tv, microwave, coffee maker, extension cords, portable chargers, cabinet fridge etc.You can run almost anything in your house. Keep the camper real cold and you can even run your AC throughout the night. Best suited in power outage conditions.
  5. Maintenance: Maintenance is easy. All the service compartments are available on the opposite side of the control panel. The spark plug at the top, oil fill/drain button can be easily accessed to replace or remove. You can also drain the fuel tank. The air filter placed on the back of the unit which should be cleaned every 50 hours can be cleaned with household detergents.


It has a long run and can run almost anything in your house. It’s portable and hence can be carried anywhere. Runs very quietly and gives clean power signals at a very reasonable price. Using and maintenance are also very easy. The plastic body is a concern but nevertheless, if taken care, it can run long.