Go Henry: The Pocket Money App For Kids

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Go Henry helps kids learn how to earn, save and spend responsibly. It’s one of the best-prepaid cards for teens, featuring parental controls, a contactless card and the ability to block and control the card at the click of a button. Teaching kids to manage their money is a highly important task for parents. Developing the ability to save and plan purchases are life-skills that will serve children well as they grow in age and independence. goHenry was created by a group of parents and friends, unable to find the right tools to teach their own children to learn about managing money. Not only does it make the whole pocket money process faster and easier, it’s also designed to teach children to save, earn and spend responsibly. Click here for more details.


The goHenry team seems to have put a lot of thought into the functionality and appearance of the mobile and web apps, too. Not only do the various dashboard features and charts look appealing to adults and children, the app is simple to use and easy to navigate.


Parents can set task and chores for their children to earn extra cash. Parents and their kids can see their earnings, spending and save on graphs. Children and teens can also use budgeting tools to set savings goals, track and filter spending by a retailer, size of spend and category. It’s a great way to give young people financial independence so they can learn by doing, though under a watchful eye and with no danger of debt


Children and teens, on the other hand, enjoy the independence that comes with goHenry. Having their own card and account makes them feel independent and helps them to understand how much they have to spend – as well as how much they have saved.


Perhaps the best thing about goHenry is how much it has changed their children’s attitude to money. Being able to track the growth of their savings, together with the fact the money goes straight into their account instead of their hands has encouraged kids to save.


It’s a smart and easily understandable way to introduce the idea of budgeting and income, plus it makes boring household chores a bit more appealing when kids can see the financial reward. They will soon grow in confidence; quickly becoming responsible savers and spenders – and they will love the independence and money skills Go Henry brings. Click here to learn more about Go Henry.