Photobooth Ideas for Wedding Receptions


A wedding is a traditional marriage ceremony wherein two people or a couple are united as one by an officiant. Sometimes, marriage officiant or the person who officiates at a wedding ceremony is also called as “solemniser” or “vow master.”


Customs and rituals of a wedding greatly vary between religions, ethnic groups, churches, countries, and social classes. The wedding ceremony is often followed by wedding reception or a wedding breakfast (for other countries), in which the rituals may include speeches from the groom, best man, father of the bride and possibly the bride.

The Reception

Reception is where the wedding guests gathered to eat, celebrate, watch, and participate in a program. This party or get together is usually held after the completion of the marriage ceremony in any local wedding spots. The place is designed aligned with the theme or motif of the wedding.

Photobooth Ideas

Nothing breaks the ice at a wedding quite like having a photo booth. An entertaining backdrop and a few blush-inducing props, surely your friends and family will soon be mingling in front of the camera. Whether you are planning to rent or to DIY a photo booth, this is for you! Be inspired by some of the listed set-ups here.

Classic Photo Booth

A classic photo booth gives a simple yet beautiful booth for all the guests of the wedding. You don’t need much props and decorations here, you just have to make a spacious booth with a camera and with some simple backdrops.

Framed Wall Photobooth

This design or style is somewhat like the classic photo booth but with some twist. The style here is that you will create or order a faux framed wall that will serve as the backdrop for the booth. It can also be a picture of the prenuptial of the bride and the groom.

DIY iPad Selfie Station

This is one of the best ideal designs for a photo booth, especially if the budget of the bride and the groom is tight. You just have to provide a clean and simple space where you can put an eye-level stand with a camera on the top of it. An Apple iPad or other gadgets that have built-in camera will do.

Chalkboard Sign Backdrop

In this photo booth, a large chalkboard is hanging or standing as the backdrop. The name of the bride and groom is written there as well as other details such as the date, location of the reception, and hashtags for social media posts.