Color in Interior Design

Psychology of Color: Why We Want a Certain Shade for Our House


Different shade of colors can impact the way we think and how we handle things. What we buy and even our design choices, especially on industrial furniture decor are affected by the psychology of color. Find the perfect shade that fits your mid-century modern collection with this helpful guide featuring these popular hues.


Bold Pink

This punchy color is much more versatile than you may think. A bright, vivid pink tone like fuchsia suggests energy and glamour. Mid-century furniture designers consider this color for grownups.


Peony Pink

This color means energetic and youthful. This color is ideal to be painted on walls of children’s room or playroom. This hue will add energy while keeping a feminine look. However, nowadays, boys can also have pink as their choice of color.


Bold Red

This color evokes a passionate, romantic feel in any room. It can add drama when used generously or just a simple touch can warm up space. The many different shades create different moods, from a romantic merlot or retro cherry shades. If you like furniture with this color, you may visit Emfurn on


Red Orange

This accent can counterbalance cooler colors and instantly warm the space. You can small doses of red if you want to spice things up without completely committing to the bold hue.


Deep Orange

This is a versatile shade of orange. Picking the right shade of orange can be overwhelming but a deep orange, or sometimes called terra cotta, is a great option to try especially when decorating a house. The versatile color can be energizing by day and cozy by night.


Sunshine Yellow

According to professional interior designers, this color is an uplifting hue. Yellow is often associated with happiness and optimism because it can activate memory, stimulate the nervous system and promote creativity.


Lime Green

Green reminds us of life and renewal since it is associated with nature. In fact, lime green is considered as a burst of energy. It is one of the most versatile colors as well. It can be dramatic, refreshing, or inviting depending on its use.


Cool Blue or Sky Blue

This hue is a serene environment. Many homeowners turn to value when painting a room because they believe that it gives them comfort and inviting feeling while they are in their home.



This is a refreshing hue and gives lively look to a wall. You are in the majority if you walk away from purple when decorating. However, this color correlates with royalty and creativity, and it can completely refresh your home’s interior.


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