Flying with World Tech Toys’ Striker Spy Drone


World Tech Toys’ Striker Spy Drone is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flight. However, you have to carefully read the entire manual before operating this quadcopter and keep it for reference in the future. For your safety, here are the important things you should read and understand according to the manual.


Important Instructions

  1. This product is not a toy but a precision piece of equipment with integrated technologies of mechanics, electronic, air dynamics and radio frequencies. In order to avoid accidents, the operator must read these instructions carefully. Use safety precautions when operating, if operated incorrectly, serious physical injury and/or property loss may occur.
  2. This product is suitable for operators with previous hobby flying experience, age 14 and up.
  3. Only fly in a safe environment that is legal for remote control flying.
  4. We do not take any responsibility for the operation and control of this device and related safety responsibilities.


Safety Instructions

  1. Operate far away from obstacles and crowds. This quadcopter has uncertain flying speed and conditions which present a potential danger. Fly away from people and animals, high buildings, high voltage wiring, etc. Avoid bad weather conditions, wind, rain, thunder, and other conditions to ensure a safe and fun flying environment.
  2. Avoid high temperatures. This quadcopter is made of metal, carbon fiber, plastic, electronic components and other materials. Keep away from any heat source and avoid using at high temperatures such as hot sunny days to avoid transformation and broken parts resulting from the heat.


Before Flying

  1. It is recommended that the flying area is at least an area of 25ft x 25ft x 15ft.
  2. Be sure that the transmitter and quadcopter batteries are fully charged.
  3. Be sure that the throttle is at its lowest position to avoid premature flight.
  4. Before playing turn on the quadcopter first, then turn on the transmitter. The incorrect operation may result in failure and the possible influencing of other devices in the area.
  5. Ensure that all plugs and wires are secure and in place, rocking during flight may loosen over time.


After Flying

After you are done flying the Drone make sure the battery pack on the quadcopter is disconnected and the transmitter power is turned off. If you are not going to use the quadcopter for a long period of time, please remove the AA batteries to prevent the batteries from draining or leaking